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The Internet Mentors Academy collects data from various different methods through your visit to our site in the order process.. We respect your privacy and we want you to understand the different ways in which we do and do not use information that is gathered while a person visits

Please read this page before you navigate through our website or before you submit any of your personal information. By using our Website, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy"). This Privacy Policy is a part of and subject to the Terms and Conditions, Income Disclaimer, and Refund Policy for this Website.

When you use or access our Website, you agree that you have read, understand and agree that may collect, use and disclose your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you are not comfortable with any part of this Privacy Policy, you should not use the Website because by using this website and entering in your information means that you have read and agreed to this Privacy Policy and the other relative disclaimers.

The Privacy Policy may change from time to time, but any and all changes will be posted and changes will only apply to activities and information on a going forward basis. Changes will not be reflected to data gather prior to the subsequent change. We suggest that you review the Privacy Policy whenever you visit the website to ensure that you understand how any of your personal information might be used. The privacy practices on this website in this Privacy Policy are for this Website only. If you happen to click a hyperlink to any other sites, please make sure you review the privacy policies for those websites. The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of other websites.

Collection of Personal Information

The information collected by our website is gathered in two different forms.

A) Information given by a visitor to the Website ("Personal Information")

B) Tracking information is information we gather when a visitor navigates through the Website ("Tracking Information").

A) Possible Use of Personal Information

When visiting our website visitors will have to register at a certain point in order to proceed and gain more information from our website. We will ask for things such as name, city state and zip code, age, gender, date of birth, occupation, interests, phone numbers, and other information similar to be able to identify you apart from another member. Your information will be used for the main purpose as it is gathered, to help a user with various different services on the website that one might request. This information will also be used to set up and maintain a client access file for you as a member of The Internet Mentors Academy. The information gathered will also be used to help better the website overall and focus on what our members want to learn and gather from our website. Your personal information might actually be used for solicitation by or other affiliated companies your data is rented to, sold to or shared with.

All members are in agreement that any communication from a member to The Internet Mentors Academy is considered a testimonial and The Internet Mentors Academy can in its sole discretion use the clients testimonial for commercial purposes.

B) Possible use of Tracking Information

Our website collects information about your computer, your IP address just by visiting our site we also can collect your email address. Everyone must know and understand that viewing a website can be monitored, tracked, and information can be gathered. The data that is gathered through tracking is not normally personal information however it may help define individual viewing habits and preferences even if we don't know who you are.


Cookies are used for tracking. This is something that is placed on your hard drive by a website's server. Websites will use cookies to keep you logged into their site, to monitor your use, to password protect a site, and to help keep track of your search criteria. Cookies can be used to electronically gather information about you. Cookies can be used to gather information about your computer configuration and computer use. This may not be personal information, but it is information and by using our site you are expressly giving permission to use 'cookies' and to use the information gathered from your use of our website.

You also acknowledge that Tracking Information may be shared with third-parties. We have the right to use non-personal information to help analyze and develop our marketing strategy. You give us permission to collect, archive, retrieve, and use any data collected for product offers and design. You are also giving us permission to share this data for general commercial solicitation purposes to joint venture partners, affiliates, and marketing organizations.

Third Party Advertisers

Data gathered from Banners, Popups or Site Advertisers Visitors clicking on banners or pop-ups or hyperlinked advertising, appearing on this Website must have the understanding that the information is being collected about them. The Internet Mentors Academy will not be responsible for the use of information collected in those manners. Visitors must be aware that data will be collected, that "cookies" will most likely be placed on their systems, that The Internet Mentors Academy does not have any control over what happens with this information because we are not gathering it, that The Internet Mentors Academy will take no responsibility over the accuracy or content of our advertisers, The Internet Mentors Academy is not responsible for downloads from third party advertisers that contain viruses or worms or other computer codes that may cause visitors computer or software damage or harm, and The Internet Mentors Academy takes no responsibility for the data that is garnered from the click itself or that the advertiser collects.


By visiting The Internet Mentors Academy and entering in personal information opens a line of communication from you to us. An example of a particular piece of information you could enter on the website would be your email address. By entering your email address you waive all rights to file any complaints concerning unsolicited email or spam from this Website. By entering in your information, you are agreeing to receive communication from our Company or one of our third-party marketing organizations. All email communication with you shall have an 'unsubscribe' link in the email somewhere and you can notify the Website that you no longer wish to receive emails or information from that Website and ask to have your name removed from the general solicitation database.

Security of your Data

The Internet Mentors Academy takes every step possible to ensure that we protect the data gathered from the site that is related to our members and visitors. No security system is completely fool proof so we cannot and will not guarantee the security of our database. We also will not guarantee that the information contained herein our database from members and visitors will not be intercepted while being transferred or transmitted over the internet. For having the ability to view this website you waive any and all claims for damages against our company and also agree that The Internet Mentors Academy is not liable for any damages that may arise from the misuse of your personal information.

SMS Policy

This website, websites linking to this website, and websites linked from this website (collectively "We") may make available a service either directly or through third parties by which you can receive commercial messages on your wireless device via short message service ("SMS Service"). Your provider's standard data and messaging rates may apply to all SMS correspondence. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. You represent that you are 18 years of age and the owner or authorized user of the wireless device on which messages will be received, and that you are authorized to approve the applicable charges. Data obtained from you in connection with this website may include your name, address, cell phone number, and the date, time. If fees are charged to your wireless account invoice, we may provide your carrier with your applicable information in connection therewith. Your wireless carrier and other service providers may also collect data about your wireless device usage, and their practices are governed by their own policies. You acknowledge and agree that an SMS Service is provided via wireless systems which use radios (and other means) to transmit communications over complex networks. You may opt out of the SMS Service at any time by replying "STOP", "END", or "QUIT" to the SMS text message you have received. This process impacts only the future delivery of the particular SMS message offering, so you must send that message for each offering.


If a dispute or claim arise between you and The Internet Mentors Academy, including but not limited to any disputes arising from the use of this Website, the Privacy Policy, the terms and conditions and any other purchase made in conjunction with this website, or any other claims arise whether valid binding or otherwise not understood; you consent and agree that any Dispute shall be settled by binding arbitration by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with the Arbitration Rules then in effect. Any hearings shall be conducted in the City of Huntington, New York. All decisions of the arbitrator shall be final and binding upon all parties and any award of the arbitrator(s) may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. The prevailing party shall be awarded all of the filing fees and related administrative costs. Administrative and other costs of enforcing an arbitration award, including the costs of subpoenas, depositions, transcripts and the like, witness fees, payment of reasonable attorney's fees, and similar costs related to collecting an arbitrator's award, will be added to, and become a part of, the amount due pursuant to this provision. Any questions involving contract interpretation shall use the laws of New York.

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